What I'd I Haven’t Curled Before?
No Problem! Windsor Curling Club offers a Novice League and Beginner Clinics. 

If I pay for as a Social Member, Do I curl on Friday night Social League?  No, because the WCC is a private club, all people in the building (members) need to be accounted for.  If you want to come watch games, you would need to be a social member.  If you curl only on Friday Nights, you would then get the "Only once a week" membership.

Do I Need Special Equipment?
You should have loose Fitting Pants, a Light Jacket and/or Sweatshirt, Mitts or Gloves, Clean Sneakers.  We have grippers, slider and Curling brooms that you can try.  We also have a partnership with the Curling Store, once you decide to buy your own equipment. 

What if I Don’t Have a Team?
Let us know where/when you want to curl, we will match you to the right league.

When do I pay? 
Payment is due by the first time members take the ice in regularly scheduled play. Non-payment may result in suspension of privileges.

General Notes:

  • Junior fee applies to any curler who is 21 years or younger on December 31st of the current curling
  • Intermediate fee applies to any curler who is 25 years or younger on December 31st of the current curling season.
  • Members may bring guests to curl provided they pay the appropriate guest fee.

Upcoming Events

22 Nov 2019;
Tim Hortons Spitfire Arms WCT cash spiel
28 Nov 2019;
06:30PM -
WCC Semi Annual General Meeting
16 Jan 2020;
Long Island Curling